An artistic statement is being made on signal boxes throughout downtown Greensboro. A joint project between Downtown Greensboro, Inc. (DGI), SynerG, and the Downtown Residents’ Association (DRA), the goal is to add beauty to the center city and showcase Greensboro’s talented students on 20 signal boxes. To date, 15 signal boxes feature artwork from local students – three different works on five boxes each.

“This is a fun project connecting our schools, the Downtown Residents’ Association, SynerG young professionals, and DGI, to beautify our community through art,” says Zack Matheny, President and CEO of DGI. “So why not take a mundane object like a signal box and spring it to life with beautiful art? Something that seems so simple is adding life to our city streets. It’s a wonderful thing to see.”

The chosen works of art were among dozens of submissions by art students throughout Guilford County Schools and private/charter schools in the city. A committee of DRA members, DGI and SynerG staff selected the final designs.

 “The DRA’s focus is and has always been fostering growth and improvement in the downtown Greensboro community,” says DRA Board President Jeff Champigny. “This project does exactly that by creating a unique look and feel that both visitors and residents can enjoy.”

“I do hope that similar projects continue, bringing with them a continued stimulus to invest and develop Greensboro’s Downtown,” adds DRA Membership Chair Brent Zeigler.