When you visit Downtown Greensboro, the good times don't have to stop when you walk out the door of your favorite restaurant or bar. Starting March 1st, visitors can stroll with their alcoholic beverages through the City of Greensboro's Border of Refreshments Outdoors (BORO) program, which designates areas where alcoholic beverages purchased from area businesses may be consumed in outdoor public spaces during specified times

How does it work?

  • ORDER your adult beverages from one of the participating businesses located within the BORO district.
  • DRINK  from a specially designed cup that indicates where the drink was purchased.
  • ENJOY  strolling through the BORO district while shopping and exploring downtown. 
  • DISCARD  your cup into trash cans located throughout downtown.


  • Drinks must be consumed from the official BORO cup received at drink purchase and hold no more than 16 oz
  • ​Visitors may stroll with their beverages within the BORO district only from 12 PM - 9 PM 
  • ​Check to see if a retailer allows BORO drinks before entering the establishment. Look for the BORO sticker at the door.
  • ​Don’t carry drinks into another bar or restaurant that serve alcohol

Participating Restaurants/Bars*

(Purchase BORO drinks at these locations)

Bourbon Bowl
'cille & 'scoe
Community Theatre of Greensboro
Fat Tuesday
Grey's Tavern
Jerusalem Market
Lewis + Elm
Little Brother/Lawn Service
Mellow Mushroom
Natty Greene's Brewing Co.
Neighbors GSO (opening summer 2022)
Next Door Beer Bar and Bottle Shop
One Thirteen Brewhouse
Rock's Hair Shop
Sage Mule
Scuppernong Books
Southend Brewing
Stumble Stilskins
Triad Stage
Vintage to Vogue
XO Social Lounge 
Zeto Wines

Outside Drinks Welcome in the Following Non-ABC Permitted Businesses

Brew Peddlers
Design Archives
Fiber Space
Hudson's Hill 
Hype Clinic
Just Be
Lee + Wrangler Hometown Studio
Northern Roots Coffeehouse
Select Cycle
Selfie Spot

Non-Participating Businesses

(Outside drinks not allowed; BORO beverages not available for purchase) 

Bearded Goat
Blue Denim
Boxcar Bar + Arcade
Cheesecakes by Alex
Chez Genèse
Crooked Tail Cat Cafe
Heavenly Buffaloes 
Liberty Oak
The Farmer's Wife

City of Greensboro Contact: Andrea D. Harrell, (336) 373-7787



*Business participation is completely voluntary; there is no fee to participate. If a business isn’t listed, it’s because they have chosen not to participate in the BORO at this time.