Visitors to Downtown Greensboro this week are noticing the removal of the temporary outdoor dining patios, which were installed in 2020. The work this week will pave the way for new permanent outdoor dining patios to be installed at the same establishments beginning on June 12.

“The jersey walls we have been looking at for the past three years were only supposed to stick around for a few months. We believed at the time that they were a temporary solution to help our smaller restaurants expand to the outdoors during the pandemic,” says Zack Matheny, Downtown Greensboro, Inc.’s CEO and President. “What we’ve learned in the last three years is that our community craves outdoor dining, so these patios will satisfy that hunger and be more aesthetic in the center city.”

DGI has partnered with Modstreet of Durango, Colorado for the construction of 13 outdoor dining patios to be installed beginning on June 12, with expected completion of all patios within four days. Patios fit within one or two parking spaces and are ADA compliant and safety-tested to withstand vehicle impact up to 30 miles per hour. Each patio will allow restauranteurs to add an additional 8-12 dining seats based upon the size of their patio.

DGI is funding the majority of this project with some additional assistance from the City of Greensboro. In all, the patios cost a total of $430,700, with $288,140 covered by DGI and $142,700 in City funds. This is the largest lump-sum investment DGI has ever made back into the downtown community.


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Outdoor Dining Rendering 2

Outdoor Dining Rendering