Natty Greene’s Proprietors Set to Unveil Plans for Brewery Expansion
Renderings for Natty’s Brewhouse Pavilion to be Shown on September 7

Members of the media and downtown partners are invited to attend a reveal of the plans for the new Natty’s Brewhouse Pavilion on Thursday, September 7 at 11:00 a.m.  

Chris and Ashleah Lester, owners of Natty Greene’s Brewing Co., will unveil renderings for their new brewery expansion to include a new single-story structure with interior brewhouse space and open-air seating and bar areas under roof. The pavilion will be located just south of the existing downtown Greensboro restaurant on land recently purchased from Norfolk Southern.

“On average, we sell 600 barrels of Natty Greene’s beer a year at the restaurant. We can only produce 300 barrels on property right now, and thanks to a fabulous partnership with our downtown neighbors, Southend Brewing, they’ve been helping to fill in the gaps,” says Chris Lester. “This expansion will enable us to bring all of our production back in-house to be more self-sustaining.”

The presentation will take place in the Greene Room, located on the third floor of the restaurant at 345 S. Elm Street.