Downtown Greensboro, Inc. (DGI) has begun the process to solicit information from businesses damaged in late May as part of the City of Greensboro’s “Rebuilding Greensboro” grant program.

On June 16, Greensboro City Council approved $250,000 to help repair businesses throughout Greensboro that were damaged on May 30 and 31. DGI will serve as administrators of the grant money. Any business located in the City of Greensboro which was directly impacted by the civil unrest is invited to apply for funding using the following form

“While most of the damage that occurred on the nights of May 30 and 31 did happen downtown, we are keenly aware that incidences spilled out beyond our downtown borders,” says Zack Matheny, President and CEO of DGI. “We are incredibly grateful for City Council’s trust that we’ll conduct a fair and equitable process for distributing these funds, regardless of whether a business is located in our center city.”

DGI will develop a database of businesses impacted based on losses and insurance coverage. The organization will then develop a metric for providing equitable financial assistance on a per business or address basis which will be utilized for distributing funds. 

Businesses are encouraged to fill out the grant questionnaire immediately so the distribution of funds can begin quickly.

Direct access to the form can be found at