Street Closed

Levels 5-8 of the Bellemeade Parking Deck will be closed for repair work beginning Monday morning, January 30.
This closure will not affect monthly or reserved parkers, who can continue to park on lower deck levels. Hourly parkers – particularly those attending daytime matinees at the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts – may need to find alternative spaces. The Greensboro Department of Transportation recommends using the Eugene Street Parking Deck, located at 215 N. Eugene St.
An end date for the completion of repairs is not yet available. Visit to see all public parking options available in downtown Greensboro.

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Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill

114 N. Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 907-8451
Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill was founded down South in a small Greensboro, North Carolina kitchen over twenty years ago by owner and Integrative Health Coach (IHC) Annah Awartani and her late husband Masoud Awartani. With a passion for health and integrative medicine early on, Annah had a vision of providing the Triad area with an authentic Mediterranean establishment legitimately using quality ingredients. Let know if you find another restaurant in the United States, let alone a mediterranean restaurant, producing large scale cuisine using mineral rich and heart healthy Celtic sea salt because they're aware of the overuse of iodized salt in the Western diet; using unbleached and unbromated flour because constantly consuming bleach and halogen metal isn't great; or if you find anyone advocating and stressing how important it is on a medicinal level for meats and produce to be sourced locally and free of hormones, chemicals and additives to ensure maximum nutritional value and minimal nutrition loss.