Tigermoth Creative

515 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 814-3365
Tigermoth Creative is a team of marketing and communication professionals who share a passion for storytelling. That's why we spend our days (and often our nights) producing story-driven creative for people and brands that inspire us: public universities, non-profits, artisans and craftsmen, North Carolina businesses, and the many points of pride of our bustling hometown, Greensboro. In the search for creative solutions, Tigermoth never skims the surface; we strive for meaning. That’s why we start with your story — not just what you do or how you do it, but why. We view ourselves not just as a marketing and communications collaborative but as as a team of storytellers that listens and invests in your brand with the care it deserves. Whether you need help with branding, integrated marketing, strategic communication, capital fundraising, awareness- and affinity-building or recruitment, we work closely with you to create customized print and digital approaches that help you reach your goals. With capabilities in design, copywriting, photography, video and digital, our services are built around one shared goal: your story, well told.