The Railyard

120 Barnhardt Street, Greensboro, NC 27406
(800) 313-7275
The Railyard parking lot is a privately managed surface parking lot in the "South End" of Downtown Greensboro. The lot has 170 hard surfaced spaces in a well lit landscaped area and is convenient to the 400 to 600 block of South Elm Street.  The lot has two entrances one on Barnhardt Street and the other on W. Lewis Street. Exit only is allowed through W. Lewis Street. The parking lot is open to the public for a parking fee (see rates below). Daily Parking Rates:
  • 6am – 6pm: $2
  • 6pm – 6am: $3
Monthly Parking Rate:
  • Permit: $39
Credit/Debit cards accepted. Handicapped parking available. (Mobile payment options coming soon). Enforcement begins with courtesy note followed by a $15 ticket. The management company is Preferred PARKING Service LLC.