Street Closed

Levels 5-8 of the Bellemeade Parking Deck will be closed for repair work beginning Monday morning, January 30.
This closure will not affect monthly or reserved parkers, who can continue to park on lower deck levels. Hourly parkers – particularly those attending daytime matinees at the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts – may need to find alternative spaces. The Greensboro Department of Transportation recommends using the Eugene Street Parking Deck, located at 215 N. Eugene St.
An end date for the completion of repairs is not yet available. Visit to see all public parking options available in downtown Greensboro.

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Fiber Space

227 S Elm St., Greensboro, NC 27401
Our creative flexspace + coworking studio provides you a place to cultivate a network that allows you to share your gifts and talents with the world. • Create & work — space for career driven people and entrepreneurs of all kinds. • Meet — a place to meet your clients, coaches, designers, etc. • Learn & collaborate — space to host classes, workshops, seminars, book clubs & podcast clubs, mom's-night-out, and so much more. • Network — reserve the flex space to host meetups, social events, brunches and workshops. #DGSO First Friday’s and a full ranges of event opportunities for our members and drop ins. • Shop: the space doubles as a showroom with our custom furniture made by real fine place, another business that got their start right here in #dgso. In addition there is a gift shop that offers products from other local small businesses. We will work with neighboring business like the bakery for coffee & refreshments. A creative, supportive, and empowering environment for you to do what you love while having the flexibility to work + rent cost-effective space on a short-term as-needed basis, thus giving you the opportunity to explore your gifts and talents while not being bound to a long-term lease. Co-working Only pay for the space you need - as little as one desk / worktable / or the entire space (weekends only) Flexible working on your schedule – if you don’t need a workspace every day of the week, you can pay to use the space at a time that suits you - flexibility from one day per week, to full time. Enjoy working independently, while alongside like-minded Fiber Space community partners and other entrepreneurs in our area. Coworking is a great solution if: • You’d like an alternative option to working from home or from coffee shops • You thrive on being around other like-minded entrepreneurs • Have an irregular schedule and don’t need a full-time office • You're in the beginning stages of starting your business Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Greensboro, a place rich in history and pride. With access to restaurants, city governments and a host of amazing retail shops and businesses. A few steps away from the home of the Greensboro Sit In, This Black, Veteran, Woman-owned business meets the needs and expectations of our local culture making “work socially”.
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