Essential Hemp

529 S Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27506
Every mood, every thought, every moment can be elevated. Things that are good can be better and better can be increased to the best. Here at Essential Hemp we stock and make available the best CBD and Delta-8 THC products in North Carolina. Whether you like to roll your own flower and moonrocks or chill with a pre-rolled joint; we sell what you need. If you prefer to vape or dab; come see us. Gummies, baked edibles like cookies and brownies - yep, got those too. Even your pets can come for a visit and get some CBD goodies! Oh, and we'll hook you up with all of the necessary tools; trays, grinders, lighters, rolling papers and pipes. Come see us in the heart of beautiful Downtown Greensboro, NC. Our store is spacious, our inventory is varied and our staff is awesome.