Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

604 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 550-4024
A cat cafe located in the heart of downtown Greensboro. A place to grab a sip and enjoy the company of felines. We believe that all pets deserve a good home. The cafe provides a charming and relaxing atmosphere for the adoptable cats to showcase their personality and to just be cats! We are committed to the well-being of animals, providing coffee, tea and other treats, and to the idea that one day all animals can get a loving furever family. How it works: This isn't a typical coffee house. The Crooked Tail Cat Cafe is sectioned into two areas - one that is all about the cats a.k.a "Kitty Lounge", and one that is all about food and drink a.k.a "The Cafe". In order for the safety of the humans and cats, we do limit how many customers are admitted into the Kitty Lounge at once. We highly encourage people planning to visit the Kitty Lounge to make a reservation in advance if you are visiting during our peek hours on weekends. If we are filled up we won't be able to allow you in until the next available time slot. We do take walk-ins if we have available space. If you want to just grab a cup of coffee to go or drink some beer and wine in our cafe we have a space behind the Kitty Lounge where you can do that too!