All Inclusive Life (Ecstatic Dance)

200 N Davie St., Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 880-2693
Tap into creative movement through free form dancing to five rhythms of music we play at Ecstatic Dance. Come develop your movement at a pace that feels authentic to you. We create a safe space for people of all ages, skill levels and social/cultural backgrounds to come explore the deep benefits of unstructured dance. Dancing for no reason, dancing in community and celebrating together is what we do. We welcome everyone, we welcome YOU. Kids welcome! Sliding scale $7.00 - $21.00 Volunteers wanted. Come early for Yoga! If you want to practice dropping into your body through yoga asanas, pranayama and deep relaxation, find us at 6:00 PM for Hatha Yoga. learn more about us at