Bloom Inclusion 2020: The Concourse Model

200 N. Davie St., Greensboro, NC 27401
  • Presented By: Bloom Inclusion
  • Dates: November 9, 2020 - December 9, 2020
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily

Bloom Inclusion is an interactive professional development experience combining innovation and inclusion. Each year the design team introduces an innovative and challenging approach to support participant growth in inclusion. We believe inclusion is an ACTION. While some may encourage you to “think outside of the box,” our team encourages leaders to question the “box” itself. Come prepared to be challenged, to learn, to grow, and to BLOOM!

We dive right into the inclusion tools and tactics in the workplace that appeal to your learning styles and organizational needs. How do we know this information? Easy. We ask before you arrive and craft the experience to fit you and your organization. Bloom’s priorities are simple.

1. Innovation: Bloom applies creative approaches to proven inclusivity methods.

2. Integration: Bloom brings together teams of inclusion leaders from within organizations and connects them with similar leaders within and across peer industries to gain the varying perspectives on effective and proven inclusion best practices and techniques.

3. Inspiration: Bloom participants leave the event empowered with actionable items and new skills to apply in their organizations.

Experience a 30 Day (virtual) ON-DEMAND content rich Bloom Inclusion Course with features of a LIVE conference! 

This setting is designed to build stronger partnerships and challenge leaders to actively pair innovation and inclusion. You will grow key inclusion leadership skills, learn industry best practices, role-play difficult scenarios, and begin to improve your company policies through assessment.

The ConCourse includes professional video interviews with cross-industry professionals, virtual networking opportunities, and practical presentations from speakers.