Manny's Cafe

Margarita Delgado’s restaurant, Manny’s Universal Café, is a culinary destination in downtown Greensboro’s Southside neighborhood. Her fresh, hand-made cuisine is the reason. Empanadas, chicken tamales, and pupusas served with spicy cabbage all nod to Margarita Delgado’s Central American roots. 
In the late 1980’s, fleeing a violent civil war, 26-year old Delgado brought her then six year old son Manny from San Salvador, El Salvador to live in New York. For 27 years, Delgado worked in the corporate food industry. When Manny relocated to the3 Triad for college at A&T, Delgado soon followed. In 2007, they opened Manny’s Universal Café. Delgado is an enterprising scratch cook. Quick with a joke or a story, she is also an excellent host. Delgado believes that fresh food is medicine, and that preparing healthy food in a healthy environment is a service to her family and community.