Alex Amoroso Jr.

How long has your business been downtown?

"Since December of 2002, so 19 years."

Why did you choose downtown for your business? 

"I’ve always liked the downtown area and our concept seemed to fit perfectly with it even though at the time downtown was just beginning to recover."

Why is the downtown community important to the city as a whole? 

"The downtown is really the heart of a city and is a reflection of that city. So, a strong vibrant downtown helps to show the strength of a city as a whole."

What is downtown’s greatest attribute? 

"I think if I reflect on Downtown not for the landmarks, I would have to say the people who work, live and shop downtown. We have a strong, involved community that has unlimited potential."

What do you want the broader community to know about your business and/or downtown as a whole? 

"That the downtown is a safe vibrant area that offers great local stores and restaurants and an active involved community. We continue to try to reach out to new and existing customers especially during these hard times that we are here, open and safe to visit."